Tennis Lessons: Jeff Michaud, Certified Trainer

USPTA Certified Tennis Instructor

Jeff Michaud of Atlanta is a top-rated Atlanta tennis coach. Whether you're a beginner new to the game or an experienced player looking to improve your game, Jeff can help.

Certified by USPTA as a tennis instructor, Jeff has played tennis for more than 20 years, competing in ALTA, K-Swiss and USTA leagues.

Jeff is available for individual tennis lessons and or group tennis coaching. Jeff's style of tennis instruction is an active approach that stresses the fundamentals in a fun, aerobic manner.

Tennis Tip of the Week

Tennis Lessons: Improving Your Backhand Volley with Atlanta Tennis Coach Jeff Michaud

For Good Tennis Backhand Volleys Give the "Safe" Sign

A common flaw in many club players' backhand volleys is their tendency to chop down on the ball, allowing the racquet head to drop below wrist level. Usually, the result is a volley hit off-balance with so little pace and control that it catches the net.

To hit a more effective backhand volley, keep your wrist firm and, instead of chopping down on the ball, flatten out your volleying motion. Think of yourself as a baseball umpire giving a "safe" signal when you hit the ball.

As you punch forward on your volley, your free arm should extend away from your body simultaneously in the opposite direction to help you maintain your balance and keep your volleying motion crisp and compact. By hitting "safe" and sure backhands volleys, you'll find yourself scoring more often at the net. This tip goes equally well for any backhand shot in tennis.

This tip comes from the USPTA website tip of the day. Come out and see Atlanta Tennis Coach Jeff Michaud to learn more useful tennis tips.

Jeff Michaud, USPTA Certified Tennis Instructor