Cardio Tennis: Jeff Michaud, Certified Trainer

Cardio Tennis Classes Atlanta

Cardio Tennis: Jeff Michaud
  • Burn more calories
  • Improve tennis skills
  • Locations Near You
  • Total body workout
  • All levels of ability
  • 6 or more people $12.00 per person
  • Fun group activities
  • Non-stop workouts
  • 5 or less people $15 per person

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Schedule: Saturday 9:30am, Sunday 10:00am and Tuesday 6:30pm
Cost: $15 for the hour, 5 for $60

Major Benefits of Cardio Tennis:
• Participants consistently elevate their heart rates into their aerobic training zone.
• You can burn more calories than singles or doubles tennis.
• You get short cycles of high intensity workout and periods of rest, almost like interval training.
• While you are playing tennis, the focus is primarily on getting a great workout.
• Improve your tennis skills